What are the Chances?

The Universe sends you what you need, when you need it. I’ve said it before and will say it again – whenever I need to hear it. Or, more likely, whenever I am reminded.

Recently, I began thinking about a harpist that I had befriended online years ago, pre Facebook, back in the day of My Space. Her music was so hypnotic and relaxing. I decided to look for the CD I had purchased from her, but couldn’t find it. Maybe I’d replace it, I thought. Maybe I’d look her up again. Life went on and I did neither. But the music stayed in the back of my mind, like a nagging little voice that wasn’t going away.

Last month, I became involved in a Celtic service at my church that is the result of our minister returning from sabbatical in Scotland with a vision. I posted about it on Facebook. A fabulous, local musician with whom I am friends commented on the service. Turns out she knows another of our church musicians and expressed an interest in the service. I was thrilled, since the woman is a phenomenal musician. She plays fiddle and…. harp. But she is extremely busy and spending time in Ireland. I hoped she might join us at a service when she returns.

This morning, I was at church for something unrelated when the minister approached me. Her husband is a realtor and selling a house for someone with a harp that they no longer want. ”I figured it has strings, so you could play it,” she told me (with a straight face). Without explaining that’s not quite how it works, I told her to please get the harp. “If I can’t play it, I know someone who can.”

That job interview you were gung-ho about that fell thru. The relationship that ended unexpectedly. The random stranger you met who happens to know/have what you need. To coin a phrase, There are no coincidences. Something better is out there for you, be it a job or other adventure.

What does it all mean? I’m not exactly sure. But I’m willing to bet that it will be revealed, when the time is right.

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