What people are saying about Blog by Babs

“Brought tears to my eyes, Barbara. So poignant and yet .. so true.”  – JS

” … there are so many people who would benefit from your words of wisdom. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to have you as part of my life. You are a wonderful person!!! No wonder your mom was so proud of you.”   – JE

“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your blog. I try to read it nightly and it helps me stay positive during this stressful time of balancing working full time …  and being a mom.”   – KT

” I really think that you’re living your purpose for sharing with your blogs. I’m sure you’ll change some lives, including mine. Cudos for sharing yourself with all of us.”.   – MB

“The tears are flowing. Your words brought me back to my childhood… Thank you💜. Words matter. Keep writing.”  – JP

“Thanks for the reminder that I am, we are, worthy of love, kindness, generosity, and good things. For anything less than these positive attributes, we need to turn away and not look back.”  – KC

“You certainly have the gift of encouraging others and helping them to see themselves in a new light.”. – DT