About Me

We all suffer, to varying degrees. We can lessen the pain and discover hope by inspiring one another. Every individual journey is different. No one walks their path alone, although it often feels that way.

We all seek personal fulfillment. Our lives are interrupted by unforeseen challenges, obstacles, loss. The very best intentions can be mired by the chaos of our busy lives.

In difficult times, it can seem impossible that we’ll survive, nevermind be happy again. It’s imperitive that we allow ourselves to feel pain, fear, anxiety, anger and whatever emotion is present. Robert Frost is credited with saying “The only way out is through.”

My writing has been a source of comfort to me. It has also been thought provoking and, when I needed it most, humorous. It has been a journey in self discovery. I share that writing here, in the hope that others can find those things, too.

I invite you to start where you are and walk with me on the path to living our best lives, despite the bad things that have happened to us. Learn to trust the journey and to never lose faith.

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My happy place


Mom   Nana   Friend   Auntie   Writer   Author  Musician

Camper   Book lover   Homemaker   Antique dealer

Beach bum   Culinarian   Photographer    Organizer

Wine enthusiast    Bird watcher   Singer   Learner  Social Worker

Lover of fun


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