Laughter: The Best Medicine


There is one, single expression that is truly universal. People from any country in the world understand it – Even some animals recognize it: Laughter. Not only is it good for your emotional outlook, but it’s benefits extend to the physical as well. 

When you share a good laugh with friends, endorphins are released in the brain. They travel through your body and stimulate muscles, nerves, tissue and organs. Laughter is a great way to relieve stress. But did you know that it also boosts your immune system and relieves chronic pain? 

Some science boasts that laughter helps with insomnia and increases memory function. I’ve even read that it is credited with improved blood flow and preventing heart attacks. And here’s a good one: Laughter makes a man more attractive to women. So much for the strong, silent type! While the helper in us might be attracted to a brooding male, I personally think that a guy who can laugh freely – especially at himself – exudes confidence. And that’s alluring!

I have my own theory and it has probably been studied by someone, somewhere. I think that you can improve your mental outlook with exposure to laughter, even if you aren’t in on the joke. For example: Google images of laughter. Scroll thru and look at the faces. Read the little sayings and quotes mixed in with the photos. Instant mood elevation! (You’re welcome!)

So, think about the last time you had a really good, long laugh. Has it been a while? I don’t mean a chuckle – We’re talking a belly laugh that takes your breath away and makes your sides ache. How long has it been? 

If you’re blessed with friends like mine, it happens frequently. If there’s nothing currently funny, we have years of memories in reserve and can always laugh at those. Some of our material is decades old because, well, we crack ourselves up! But we’re always adding to the repertoire. You should be, too.

If you need help, there are funny movies you can see. Rebel Wilson does it for me. Or download some old episodes of Saturday Night Live. Or, there’s always Google…

The weekend is upon us. Find some comic relief. Laugh at yourself. And, if you can’t, call me and I’ll laugh at you! Giggle with a girlfriend. Laugh until you have tears in your eyes. Snort.

(Typing LOL online does NOT count!)


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