Full moon


Is the full moon powerful? Ask any emergency room nurse or mental health social worker and they’ll probably tell you stories about increased activity during the full phase of the moon. But does science support this?

The moon has been revered, worshiped and feared since the beginning of time. Imagine early humans watching the changes in the sky as the new moon gradually became full! What must they have thought during a moonless night or a harvest super moon?

Women, in particular, seem sensitive and connected to the moon. Perhaps it’s because the moon’s 28-day cycle mirrors their own. I’ve read other comparisons – some rather eloquent and rather beautiful. Like the moon, for example, we keep part of ourselves hidden. Then, on a rare occasion, we burst forth with brightness, shining for all to see. 

A full moon is often seen as a time for new beginnings or for cleansing. There are all sorts of spells and practices designed specifically for phases of the moon. Buddha said that there are three things that cannot remain hidden: The sun, the moon and the truth. Some people believe the full moon has magical powers. They place a crystal in a glass of water and leave it out under the full moon to collect mystical energies. The water is used in a variety of ceremonies, including spiritual cleansing. 

While I love all of the superstition and folklore, I tend to be a ‘just the facts, ma’am’ kind of girl, at heart. So, what about scientific studies? My brief research did not produce much. We’re all familiar with terms like lunatic and lunacy, derived centuries ago to describe strange behavior believed to be caused by the effects of the moon. But nowadays, we have more information, not to mention telescopes and astrophysics. We’ve put men on the moon’s surface! Yet, the allure of the moon remains a strong force in us. 

It has been shown that the moon affects our sleep patterns, probably because we produce less melatonin during a full moon. Back in the days of the caveman, this might have been an issue. Today, we just draw the shades against the brightly lit night sky.

I think the full moon is whatever we make of it. The idea of new beginnings or cleansing oneself of undesirable emotions is appealing. Who doesn’t want a fresh start? If you’ve ever spent time under a full moon, doing nothing but really looking at it, there is a certain magic. Why not use that feeling to bolster your convictions?

Here is a nice meditation to read under the full moon. Why not try it tonight?


2 thoughts on “Full moon

  1. I am deeply connected to the moon and its energies.The moon goddess Selena is a part of me. I loved this article and did this beautiful meditation last night. Thanks again for your enlightening words. ❤

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