The heart that gives, gathers.

My minister mentioned abundance in last week’s homily. It got me thinking. A disappointing web search resulted in mostly financially driven references. No inspiration there. While I do believe that abundance often leads to monetary gain, it wasn’t my first thought.

I’ve always liked the phrase “with an abundance of caution,” sometimes used for legal purposes. Farmers often pray for an abundant crop. We all know that abundance means a big quantity of something. I think abundance is personally manifested. The things in which I seek abundance might be very different than yours. And people who manifest abundance in one area of their lives, usually do the same in most – or all – areas.

Size matters.

It’s about the volume of life that you can inhale into your lungs to be absorbed into your blood and circulated throughout your being. It’s the depth of the love you feel. It’s your capacity to truly and deeply engage with others and the power to expand their knowledge or enhance their experiences.

How much is enough? The idea is to live with so much abundance every day that it naturally overflows into the other parts of your life.

The things we give are returned to us.

Do good and good follows you. Keep your heart open to receive whatever blessings the universe sends your way. Whatever you practice, comes back to you: Love, faith, positivity. Having strength for a friend makes you strong. See the beauty around you and people will see the beauty in you. Give your time freely to those who need it and your time will be enriched with blessings.

How do you start?

Begin by saying yes. Opportunities for abundance constantly present themselves. A child needs your attention. A colleague needs help with something. Your partner is struggling with an issue. A local school team is asking for donations. Don’t hesitate – Delve right in with an open heart and a smile. Give the gift of abundance. You’ll be amazed. I promise.

Live in abundance and you will have abundance, always.

5 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. “A good man brings good out of the good treasure of his heart, but a wicked man brings what is wicked out of his wicked treasure; for out of the heart’s abundance, his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45.

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  2. There is overflowing abundance in the Universe – we simply need to ask for it, and be grateful!

    My father once said to me, “I did you a disservice, Ann.” Curious, I asked, “What did you do, Dad?” And he replied, “I taught you to share.” I assured him that he did nothing wrong; that sharing is a good thing.

    Pay it forward, and you will be repaid in kind. I believe that!

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  3. Yet another super blog Barbara. Such inspiration for all who read. Thank you once again and good luck with sales of your Have Mercy. I remember her quite well.

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