The Darkest Day

Winter Solstice – It has always seemed ironic to me that the darkest day of the year happens amid the happiest, most festive time. December is a time of light, after all. Tiny white lights adorn trees everywhere. My neighbors’ homes glitter and glow with colored lights galore. I hardly notice that sunset arrives at it’s earliest. We were driven indoors months ago, when the light began to fade after dinner and the air grew cooler. Suddenly, here we are, at the shortest day of the year. I look forward to the days becoming longer again. I crave the light.

Meanwhile, I’ll take this opportunity to explore the darkness: Not only that which surrounds me, but the darkness that lives within me. Since the Summer Solstice, I’ve been turning inward, examining some corners of my heart that haven’t seen the light in a very long time. Now, I anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus – a gift of love and forgiveness…. of rebirth. His timing couldn’t be better. 

The dawning of a new year soon follows and we are offered yet another opportunity to start anew. There are many things I wish to leave behind this year, beginning with that darkness hiding in my heart. So, as the days begin to provide more light, I will open my heart to it, let it shine in those dark places again. 

Winter Solstice holds a certain magic. It’s a time for spiritual reflection. It’s mystical. It can be powerful. The Earth sleeps quietly, awaiting her own gradual reawakening. Why not join her? 

5 thoughts on “The Darkest Day

  1. Dear Babs: I am sorry to hear of the darkness in your heart and wishing you the best in this season of joy and fulfillment. May the darkness leave you in the swiftness of fashion.

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  2. You are my hero, Barbara. You are the strongest and sweetest person I know. Whatever life throws at you, you turn it into something great. Love your tree, it looks perfect. And brown paper will only make the gift inside more special. Luv ya, lady!


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