This woman’s best tool

In my basement, there is a tool box. It’s mine. I’ve had it for 27 years. When I became a homeowner, I was a newly single woman and fiercely determined. So, I went to Sears and bought myself the basics: Hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, utility knife. They’ve served me well through the years and the collection has expanded to include a level, electrical tape and other odds and ends.

But the single tool I use the most, by far, is…well…. the butter knife. 

I love its convenience and easy access – the butter knife lies at the ready right there in the kitchen drawer. No running down the cellar stairs, turning on lights, moving the laundry basket off the tool box. By the time I return to the scene of the fix, the job is completed with a butter knife! And no need to go back downstairs to put it away: Just open the top drawer and drop it in! 

The butter knife is also a multi-tool. The other end serves as a ball peen hammer for those small nails or other light pounding needs. Of course, there are options to consider here: I would never, for example, choose a butter knife with roses artfully carved into the stainless steel handle. Best to choose a flat style for that job. Some butter knives are thicker than others, some more serrated. It’s very scientific. I choose wisely.

Just yesterday, I called upon the trusty butter knife to rescue me. I was taking a small humidor to be consigned at a local shop where I sell antiques. The door had been pushed in and would not open. I needed something to wedge into the slim space between the door’s delicate hardware and pry it open again. There was no doubt in my mind just which tool would do. Without hesitation, I reached for the trusty butter knife. Problem solved!

My tool box remains in the basement, a light layer of dust covering the top, along with a stack of laundry baskets, a bucket and a rolled up extension cord. Inside, it still holds the keys to my female-homeowner-independence. But my most beloved implement, my go-to gadget, my favorite gizmo will always be the butter knife. (Oh, and it’s really good for buttering toast, too. Who knew?!)

4 thoughts on “This woman’s best tool

  1. Ha ha, necessity is the mother of invention. Having that ‘go-to’ tool is definitely valuable. Me, I grab whatever is closest that will do the job.

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