The ride of a lifetime

If I’d known the rollercoaster was going to be so emotional, I never would’ve bought the all-day pass. 

I’ve been riding for two months. I want off. But the universe won’t stop it. 

I’m upside down, as if the very earth has fallen away beneath me. Filled with disbelief, I frantically wait for the world to be righted. My life is spinning out of control and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Finally, there is a reprieve and I catch my breath during a short distance of straight, level track. 

Sometimes, I climb so high, I’m offered a glimpse of the big picture. I can see the future in the distance. It’s beautiful and serene. 

Before I can take it in, I’m bracing myself for the next plunge downward. It takes my breath away once more. Depleted, I rest a moment at the bottom before beginning the same ascent again. 

Lifted slowly, as if on angel’s wings, I crest a pinnacle of my life. The joy I find there is short-lived. Somehow, I find a way to hold it close, a small piece tucked away in the corner of my heart where I can take it out and touch it during the next drop, making the plummet less frightening. 

The ups and downs become less severe. The downward spirals are almost a relief, compared to the earlier part of this ride. The upward slopes provide a more defined look at what’s ahead. The gifts of contentment and peace sparkle on the horizon, so close, I can almost touch them. 

First, there are a few more loop-de-loops to survive. I’m taking a deep breath, steadying myself. It’s an unpredictable ride, this life we live. I’m learning to trust the journey. So, I’ve fastened my seatbelt. I’m holding on. With eyes wide open, I’m grateful for the forward motion.  I’m thankful for those who come along for the trip.

In the end, my legs might be a little wobbly. But I’ll land on solid ground. You can count on it. Meanwhile, let’s ride!

9 thoughts on “The ride of a lifetime

  1. I love the allusion? analogy? (you know what I am trying to say) of the roller coaster, Babs! I’ll ride with you…right by your side! Let’s ride!

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