Dance in the rain


(Originally posted July 2016)


I slept in this morning, waking a little later than usual because the sun did not shine in my eyes and warm me to a point when the covers are kicked off in surrender to the summer’s heat. Instead, I rearranged myself and listened to the softly falling raindrops as they bounced off the leaves of the thicket surrounding my canvas bunk.

Camping at the beach on a rainy day – Not something we look forward to. But it’s inevitable. Yet there is something about the sound of rain falling on the roof of our camper. It’s familiar and comforting.

I swear I could almost hear the collective sigh of the parched earth as she welcomed the much needed rain. Taking a lesson from nature, I’ve decided to relish this rainy day as well. I release the desire to rush us along, making a quick breakfast and packing up what we’ll need for the day’s adventure. A second cup of coffee and some reading sounds much better. Our sun kissed skin can use a break from the beach, anyway. And without a clear morning sky to dry them, our towels are still damp from yesterday. Rather than the beckoning warmth of sun, I yield to the pitter-patter of rain. The camper becomes a cocoon, dry and cozy. The urge to wish the storm away passes as we exchange ideas for indoor activities. I am content to sit here and relish the down time and a leisurely second cup.

My grandson excitedly asks to go to a movie while my husband re-examines the forecast, encouraged by the afternoon prediction of clearing skies. I only hear the birdsong coming from the outdoors as the wet ground brings forth abundant worms for my hungry feathered friends.

I am grateful for my ability to accept things I cannot control. Sometimes, I even embrace the changes that I encounter. A rainy vacation day, of course, is not exactly a life-changing event. But the same principles that allow me to maintain a peaceful demeanor in the face of real bad news can be helpful in life’s ordinary ups and downs. I’ve learned that there’s always an upside. Some of us are quick to find it, some resist it and still others relish martyrdom.

The next time life throws you a curve, don’t wait for the silver lining to reveal itself. Look for it. Better yet, expect it. Feel the peace, sing with the birds. Learn to dance in the rain!

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