On being perfect


Being flawless is over rated. I should know. I excel at being deficient in almost everything I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Surprised?

Who among us gets to be the very best at something? Sure – we all know somebody who is at the top of their field or someone who does something better than the rest of us. We’ve all probably got a trophy or a ribbon among our keepsakes. But perfect? Nah.

Yet, there are times when we miss out on great things because we fear not being impeccable. For example: There is no place I’d rather be than at the beach. I love being in the ocean, playing in the surf, walking along the shore, collecting seashells. That means facing every woman’s worst fear on a daily basis in the summer – Yes, I put on a bathing suit. It ain’t pretty.

But, do you know what’s far uglier? Regret. If summer ended and I had not been in the ocean, my heart would be heavy. To think of the memories that I’d have missed with the grandkids and with my friends – that would be a real loss. So, I suck it up and allow myself to be imperfect. Surrounded by other less than ideal bodies, who cares? (Even the ones who are close to perfect don’t believe it!) I wouldn’t trade my time at the beach for anything!

I cannot imagine being an old woman looking back on my life to see all of the things I wished I had tried but did not, because I feared not being good at it. Every day, I celebrate my imperfection! I jokingly say that I sing in the church choir because it’s the only place I can sing publicly and not be asked to leave. When I practice my fiddle, the cat cries. For every decent photo that I share, there are at least ten that are deleted. My manuscript? Let’s just say the publishers are not exactly fighting over it. Yet…. I continue to practice. I take more pictures. I write more stories. And I sing – every. single. day. All of these things bring me such great joy.

What are you missing out on because of fear? Dancing? I think that’s a big one, especially for the guys. Karaoke? Swimming?

When I am breathing my last, it’s not the things I did that I’ll regret – It’s the things I didn’t do. I fill my life with as much as time allows. Every day is a great big wonderful imperfect adventure! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you at the beach this summer?


3 thoughts on “On being perfect

  1. I’ve had a refrigerator magnet for years that says: “Well-behaved women rarely make history”(Laurel Thatcher Ulrich). Although I have looked Laurel up on line, right now I don’t remember what her claim to fame is, but I certainly remember the quote. If we were all perfect, how dull and boring life would be. Let’s all have fun being ourselves and some of us will continue to giggle at the beach while having a ball with friends and family!!


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