January 19, 2016

One of the most common bad habits is one that I somehow escaped. I am not big on sweets. But sugar is hiding in lots of places where we wouldn’t expect. So, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, chances are you’re consuming more sugar than you think.

We all know that a chocolate candy bar has a high sugar content. So do cookies, like Oreos, right? But did you know that your lunchtime soda is as bad – or worse? And how about that glass of juice you you had with breakfast? Yikes! Many of us switched to diet soda and we order our drive-thru coffee with substitutes. Well… That’s a blog for another day (soon!) basically, you’re saving some calories and cutting back drastically on sugar. But, you’re consuming lots of chemicals instead.

Even that cocktail you enjoy could be full of sugar – Especially if you are mixing alcohol with soda!

So, what’s the solution? I am not going to suggest that you abandon your morning latte – I know better!! However, information is power. Just think about it the next time you choose a beverage, whether at a meal or in between. 
I was formerly a Diet Coke fan and drank several every day. A few years ago, I decided to give it up. I always hated drinking water, so I substituted fruit flavored water and diet green tea for a while. Eventually, I made the switch to plain old everyday water. Luckily, we have well water that tastes great at home. Now, my body actually craves water. I never would have believed it.

Here are a few reminders about the dangers of sugar:

1. It overloads your liver, severely taxing the organ and leading to potential liver damage.

2. Sugar tricks your body into gaining weight by affecting your insulin production. It causes you to eat more and you could develop insulin resistance.

3. Eating too much sugar causes symptoms known as metabolic syndrome. These include weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL (good cholesterol) and increased LDL(bad cholesterol), elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

4. It increases uric acid, a risk factor for heart and kidney disease. 
5. Sugar has been linked to risk factors for certain Cancers.

6. It has NO nutrients, like protein or vitamins. So, sugar is empty calories.

7. It causes tooth decay.

8. Sugar is a leading cause of obesity in adults and children.

9. Consuming causes a dopamine release in your brain so it’s highly addictive.

Here’s what you can do: Vow to replace one of your daily beverages with water. I recommend you try it with a meal. I discovered that I actually enjoy the taste of my food much more without the distraction of soda. Replacing just one beverage a day with water, for one week, will save you a cup-and-a-half of sugar!!!



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