Pink skin, freckled noses

Ponytails and blooming roses

Wet towels on the porch rail

Seashells in a sandy pail

Bare feet, shady trees

Bee stings and skinned knees

Scent of woodsmoke and charcoal

Lazy days, good for my soul

Sparklers and ice cream

Fireflies and moonbeams

Picnic blanket in the grass

Cottony clouds that slowly pass

Bike rides and baseball caps

Lemonade and mid-day naps

Stay out late because we can

Then sleep beneath a ceiling fan

Popsicles and swimming pools

Sprinklers for keeping cool

Thunderstorms, another reason

Summer is my favorite season

5 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Love it!

    Here’s a poem of Summer a fellow wrote for me. I follow him on fb. He’s a pretty good writer!

    Summer, by Steve Skafte

    a bug buzzed my mind
    a warm and dry static
    was shattered by summer rain
    the pain of planting
    still burns in my back
    as I sit on the deck
    and watch the clouds crying
    I could be dying
    and it wouldn’t matter
    heaven is closer than it seems
    between my toes
    (and buried beneath
    my daydreams)

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