Empty hanger

I once read an analogy between dating and the shirts hanging in your closet. Everyone has that one, comfortable shirt. It’s not your favorite. But it’s warm. Or, maybe it’s the only one that fits right now. You’re constantly shopping for a better shirt. You might even try on some new ones. But when you really need a shirt, you reach for the faithful one. You don’t treasure it. You believe that there is a nicer shirt, one that fits you even better. You just haven’t found it yet. This one will do nicely, for now.

I am that shirt. I am reliable, cozy and warm. Sometimes I’m fun to wear. I fit you nicely. But you don’t love me. You’re still shopping. When you find what you’re looking for, you’ll forget about me.

But here’s the catch: The next time you reach into your closet, you’ll find an empty hanger. I’ll be gone.

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