Christmas Eve

Tonight, the greatest gift is mine

Though it bears no wrapping or bow

You’ll not find it ‘neath my parlor pine

Nor buried in the snow

This blessed evening brings to me

The gift of a story that’s told

The package isn’t one you can see

And it’s more than two thousand years old

It started when a baby boy was born

Beneath a shimmering star

And a journey began the very next morn

By wise men, near and far

The gift is offered every year

To those whose hearts are ready

That baby returns and holds me near

His love is true and steady

How, you may ask, do I know for sure?

The answer is simple, you see

I find his hand in all that endures

And in all that is precious to me

Amid the holiday tinsel and cheer

Many gifts you will receive

But none so dear as Jesus Christ

Like him, there is no other

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