Find your passion and stand for something

I’m not big on resolutions. I believe we should always be looking for ways to improve ourselves and our lives. But sometimes, it’s helpful to have the kind of deadline that New Years provides. It’s a clearly defined new beginning, or a line in the sand, if you will.

If you’re expecting a blog about dieting, exercising, quitting smoking or random acts of kindness, move along – There’s nothing to see here. Not that I have anything against those kinds of goals. But they’re pretty obvious choices and my mission here is to challenge us – to think outside the box.

So, this year, 2017, I am going to suggest that you stand for something. Think about the past year: There must have been something that happened- or did not happen – that still sticks in your craw. Some nagging little regret that you could have or should have done something, but did not. Was there something you wanted to see turn out differently? It could have been something personal, that happened to you. Or maybe some injustice you witnessed. Perhaps there was a decision that you were ardent about, but did not act upon and later were disappointed by the outcome.

We all get too busy, too complacent to act on things, even when we are fervent about them. Now is the time to identify and isolate that enthusiasm. Did you mean to learn more about the food you eat? Take a stand against GMOs? Do you feel strongly about animal rights? Did the changing political landscape leave you disappointed? Maybe the national scene is overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to effectively make changes at the local level by becoming involved. On a more personal level, were you slighted or misunderstood because of your inability to express yourself? Don’t let that opportunity slip thru your hands again!

Whatever cause you choose, take a stand in 2017. Make your voice heard, even if it’s only among your friends and family. Find your passion. Make a difference. Be an inspiration. Change a life – even if it’s your own!

 You’ll find support from unlikely sources and that will deepen those relationships. You’ll learn from dissenters who hold opposite views. You’ll earn respect from both sides. 

 Not only will you accomplish something that’s important to you, but you’ll become more fully engaged in your community and in the world around you. And THAT’s a goal I can get behind.

8 thoughts on “Find your passion and stand for something

  1. Hi Barbara, just re-reading this again after sending it to my sisters and sister-in-law. See how I appreciate your blogs? On a funny note, after dissecting this again I got the feeling that Pat was channeling you through this blog. Sounds like something that she would ask us to do. Hope all is well.

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    1. Thanks for sharing the blog, Judie! Pat had nothing to do with it, at least not directly. But you know she is a positive influence on our writing!


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