Footprints in the Sand

Recently, I walked along the beach with my pant legs rolled up and my feet in the edge of the surf. I thought about where I’ve been during the past decade of my wonderful life. I practiced acceptance where changes have occurred. I prayed for deliverance of the things I need to move forward. I left my footprints in the sand along the way.

When I reached the end, I turned around. The tide had turned and was coming in as I began my journey back toward the parking area. The uncertain future weighed heavily on my mind and I took a deep breath to steel myself against the push and pull, the flow of my life.

As I retraced my steps, the waves came in a little closer and I had to adjust my path to avoid the surge. Just then, small swell erased my previous footprints from the sand in front of me. Before me now was an expanse of fresh, unmarked beach. My recent trek remained a sharp memory but it had been erased from that which lay before me.

I continued to place one foot in front of the other. The next part of my journey began on untouched ground. The smooth sand stretched out before me like the future. Moving forward, I began to leave new footprints in the sand. Where will they take me? I cannot say with certainty. But my walk on the beach left me with a renewed confidence that it’s going to be just grand.



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