Ignite Your Creativity

(A great big THANK YOU to Connie for another awesome Guest Blog!)

Recently I attended a paint night with my daughter, Carmen. Now let me tell you that I am NOT an artiste! But here’s what I have learned!

Enjoying a creative outlet is a fun (and productive way) to give your mind a break from the day-to-day responsibilities. When we immerse ourselves in something creative we become distracted from our stressors and we walk away from our creative experience refreshed and feeling more relaxed. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Looking back on my experience I realized that’s exactly what happened! Our artist, Cassie explained that we needed to relax and have fun. She said that there was no right way or wrong way to paint. Those of us who had Type A personalities, needed to “let it go.” I think she was talking directly to Carmen and myself. She said if we make a mistake, so be it! It can be fixed. We needed to be open and flexible.

 As we were painting, Cassie demonstrated how to make a pink sky but said if any wanted another color sky…why not go for it! And, that’s exactly what I did. My creativity light bulb went on and I decided to do an orange sky. The upbeat music played at various intervals when we were painting away. Before you know, Carmen and I stood up in our places (not only to better see the demo) but to have more freedom of movement in our places. What happened next is that we both, simultaneously started movin’ and groovin’ to the beat and painting our brush strokes accordingly. So much fun! We were having a blast and might I add, were the only one standing in our places doing so. The goal isn’t about the final product or creating a masterpiece. It’s about enjoying the process!

So what inspires you? There are so many ways to become inspired but what inspires one individual maybe completely different from what inspires another. Discover what inspires and ignites your personal creativity! Maybe spending time in nature does the trick or listening to music. Reading. Writing. Singing. Learning to play an instrument. Pottery. Knitting. Quilting. Acting. Dancing. Taking a creative class or lesson, kayaking, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Let go of rigidity. Remain as flexible and open as possible. Think outside the box! Focus on having fun, feeling refreshed and the pure enjoyment of the activity. Create as if no one were watching. Produce something that speaks to you and you alone. So now…anyone care to join in on the next paint night?

5 thoughts on “Ignite Your Creativity

  1. Yes I did that paint night too and was too busy looking at the one next to me (like I used to do in Math Class) to see what she was doing. My creativity, however, does not run to painting. But the painting of two birds sitting on a branch in evening sits on the wall in my basement. Incidentally, even though the birds have over sized heads. ps loved the blog. thank you

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    1. I’m with you, Judie! My creativity does NOT include art. I have been to two paint nights and cannot even tell you where the finished products are. Last I knew, they were in the back of a closet, safe from eyes.


  2. Connie,
    You inspire me and always have. You have so many interests and ways of expressing them. I admire how you share your love of life with others, including me.

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  3. It appears to me that creating a stimulating article such as “Ignite your creativity” is a prime example of the sort of ignition to which you refer. It emanates from spirit and lands smack dab in the hearts & souls of appreciative life travelers, enhancing our journeys and inspiring us to greatness…..who would have thought?
    Thanks 4 the infusion!


  4. Well Con,
    It appears to me that creating an article such as “Ignite your creativity” is just the sort of ignition to which you refer. It emanates from spirit, landing smack-dog (not a typo 🙂 into the hearts and souls of life travelers. This bit of inspiration to greatness seeps in along with many other bits until perhaps it one day sinks in, all because somebody allowed their energy to spurt.

    Who would have thought?

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