Don’t have a cow!

Maybe you’ve heard of Meatless Mondays. There are several organizations and agencies that promote the idea of eating a meatless diet one day a week. Research says that even such a small change can have a huge impact – On your health and on the world. Even if you’re not concerned with your environmental footprint or animal welfare, you probably want to decrease your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and cancer, right?

People have lots of reasons to make the move to a vegetarian or vegan diet. It takes a strong commitment and a lot of sacrifice, at least initially. Then, there are those who make smaller changes, usually for less noble reasons. I stopped eating beef and pork 35 years ago. I just wanted to cut some fat out of my diet. After a year of successful weight loss, I tried to eat red meat again. It made me violently ill. So, other than a nice crispy slice of bacon a few times a year, I stay away. 

I still eat dairy products, as well as poultry and seafood. But these days, I limit carbs and dairy. The reason is simple: I feel so much better. I have way more energy and far less aches and pains. It’s not a diet – Just a matter of making healthy choices, most of the time. If I’m out and my friends are ordering pizza, I enjoy it. But the next day, I feel groggy and foggy if I’ve over indulged. It gets me back on track because I do not want to feel that way.

The biggest challenge to restricting meat and dairy is getting enough protein. Unless you eat a decent amount of protein in every meal, you’re going to get hungry again – Fast. So, what you are eating in place of meat makes a difference. Otherwise, there are so many alternatives to eating meat and dairy products that it makes it easy. There’s no shortage of information, support and delicious recipes out there.

Here’s a recipe that is fairly easy and very delicious. I challenge you to go meatless one day a week. If Monday doesn’t work for you, choose another day. You might be surprised how good the food tastes and how satisfied you are. Pay attention to how you feel the next day.

If you want to limit your carbs, there are tons of alternative pastas readily available in your grocery store. Or check out Fiber Gourmet, online. You won’t even know the difference, I promise!!

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