Soup – It’s what’s for dinner!

Today is one of those really busy, early morning starts! Limited time for blogging. I suspect there will be more like this, now that the weather is finally showing signs of improvement. When the urge to explore this big, beautiful world draws me away from my morning routine of coffee and writing, I might skip a day. My goal for the summer is to publish three blogs weekly. I was going to begin the new schedule Memorial Day, but cannot promise it won’t happen sooner.

Some days, there is time to share a quick recipe. Like today! I love my crock pot for crazy, hectic days. Yesterday, I made this soup and I have to tell you that it is DELICIOUS! Best of all, it was easy peasy and it’s full of flavor, protein, nutrients and fiber!

The only tweaking I did was to use 8 cups of broth, not 6. Also, I used Barilla’s whole wheat pasta (elbows) – Phenomenal! I’m certain you could make it stovetop, too. I’ll be eating it for a late dinner this week, on the nights I’m out doing other things at supper time! 

Once summer arrives, the only soup I’m likely to make is chowder. But the recipe is definitely a keeper! ENJOY! Thanks for sticking with me!

Today, I’m off to the Brimfield Antiques Fair with my meet-up group, the RI Quick Silvers!

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