What desire is tempting you? We all have things we want to do. We fantasize about them, dream about them, imagine them. It’s that little idea in the back of your mind that keeps whispering, “someday.”

Somethings are more infatuation. We are suddenly attracted to the thought of doing it, but the desire fades after a while and we eventually forget about it.  Then, there are other yearnings that burn quietly beneath the surface, sometimes for decades – Sometimes, for a lifetime.

What would happen if you gave into it? What if you stopped thinking about it and considered it, instead – seriously explored the idea of doing it?

First, think about the “why” of it. Why haven’t you pursued it? Is there a fear associated with it? There are many barriers to making a dream come true. It could be financial. Perhaps you are afraid of how people will react.

Some of these can be legitimate concerns. If you always dreamed of a lavish trip to the south of France, but are wallowing in credit card debt, that might be a buzz kill. But, more likely, the why is an excuse – something you’ve told yourself so many times that it has become a reality for you. “I could never do that – This isn’t the right time. I’m not smart enough/fit enough/young enough.I don’t have the time/money/knowledge/background.” 

But someday….

Sadly, we are not guaranteed that someday will actually happen. Keeping that dream on the back burner becomes a habit – a way of thinking. We do it until it’s too late. Eventually, it becomes a regret.

There is hope! As you are reading this, that little voice in the far reaches of your practical mind is saying, “Nice theory, but it’s never going to happen.” Just for a moment, tell him or her to shush! Consider, if you will, how you might explore the idea of acting on your desire in a safe and sane manner. We’re just exploring the idea – nothing crazy, no risks. Just three simply steps.

Set aside some time. Maybe you only need a couple of hours. Perhaps one day can be devoted to exploring your dream. No action – just considering what it might look like. Go to the library, take a class, read up on it online. Visit the place where it happens, talk to someone who has done it. Learn about it. This single effort might change things – You may discover something about your idea that squashes your desire. Great! Now you are free of it and can move on to something else that you’ve always wanted to do!

Break down the barriers. Answer the questions! How much will it cost? How much time would it take? What do I need to know first? Educate yourself. Answer the “why” as in, ‘this is why I haven’t done it.’

Make it real. Tell someone what you want to do. If you’re still uncertain how your partner or friends might react, tell a stranger. Tell someone who has done it – That’s one way to gather information and support. Surely, they will respond enthusiastically!

Now, you’re armed with the right information and inspiration! It hasn’t cost you anything  and you’ve not embarrassed yourself. It’s still your secret. Sit with it for a little longer, if you like. 

If this process is scary to you, start small. We all have things we want to do but haven’t gotten around to it. It might be something small, like trying an Indian restaurant. Google local options, look at the menu, drive by. Tell someone you’ve been thinking about trying it. Make it happen! Baby steps. 

Exploring our dreams and desires opens us up to new adventures. Even if we decide it wasn’t meant to be, we learn something about it and about ourselves. That’s called personal growth. When it comes up in conversation, instead of your mind being filled with self-doubt and regret, you’ll be filled with knowledge and experience. That’s called confidence.

What dreams and desires are burning slowly in the back of your mind? When are you going to put aside the time to safely explore them? What is stopping you?

What are you waiting for?

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