Secret of a Memorable Weekend

I know that it’s pretty late in the day for a blog. To add to the inconvenience, it’s Friday and everybody’s probably in weekend mode already! The day just got away from me because I had an early appointment followed by back to back engagements that kept me occupied until dinner time. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Allow me to let you in on a little secret that it took me several decades to learn: Nothing bad happens if you neglect your housework. Honest! Just last week, I finally put away the last of my Winter decor. My bin filled with springtime things remains unopened. My hampers are full (again) and I haven’t’ vacuumed in a few days. There’s a box of stuff in the corner of the kitchen, waiting to be taken downstairs. And let’s not even talk about my bureau, other than to say that I haven’t seen the surface in weeks.

Does anyone care? I doubt it. The thing is, I don’t really care (anymore). Why waste time putting little porcelain birds around the house, when I can be outdoors with real ones? And that dust? It will still be there whenever I get around to it. Or even if I don’t.

So, get outdoors this weekend! Call friends and arrange something – anything! Take a walk, find some live music, plant some pansies. And, about that dust? It will still be there on Monday morning. But what do you care? You’ll be back at work! Why not take some good memories along?!

8 thoughts on “Secret of a Memorable Weekend

  1. Love the quote at the end of your blog. Quite awhile ago I stopped worrying about the cat hair dust bunnies. I love being outside doing things in my yard. I’ll confess I still have a few winter things around. I’m still in process for completing some house improvements which means I have furniture for some rooms stuffed into others. Somehow I can’t get motivated to do stuff inside when the birds and gardens are calling me outside. If by chance you stop by, you’ll find me in some garden, so try not to look at the dust bunnies. Dusting, what is that????

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    1. The only time I am motivated to clean & decorate these days is when company is coming. Want me to clean the house? Plan a party here. Otherwise, don’t expect much!


  2. Great blog. I like the way the folks in Arizona think – someone will announce at the pool that it might rain a bit or be cloudy tomorrow and everyone will agree to clean on that day, and then be back outside asap. Enjoy your weekend outdoors.

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  3. Oh, Babs, I totally agree with this philosophy. Can’t remember when I dusted last! BUT the clutter stresses me out, my home has always been my peaceful refuge. Now, I exit as quick as I can. The up side is that I am out and about spending time in the garden, with friends, running errands. In other words – LIVING!

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