And now, for something completely different..

So, today’s blog is a little different – more of meandering thoughts. Think of it as the newsletter that I plan to write, to compliment the blog, but haven’t gotten to yet.

First, a big thank you to my four guest bloggers last week! Thank you for reading and commenting on those blogs, too! It was such a smashing success that I’ve decided to repeat the opportunity for the summer months when I am camping or leaving early for a day at the beach. So, get those thinking caps on! I know you have something to say!!! If you lack confidence in your writing ability, I am happy to help by editing your piece! If you are shy, feel free to be anonymous, like Angelina! See? There really are no excuses! Everyone has something to offer, whether it be informative, opinion, humor or inspiration. It can be fiction or real life. A couple of paragraphs or a two-part soliloquy. You can submit it anytime between now and September 1st. 

If you just cannot write a blog, please keep reading and offering comments! I really love your feedback, questions, additional info, etc. My vision for this blog is a give and take. We all have different experiences and have collected knowledge and wisdom on this journey we call life. Don’t be afraid to share! Some people prefer to do it privately, via eMail, and I welcome that as well. I truly cherish everything you say. We learn from each other.

By the same token, I am always accepting ideas for blog themes. There’s a running list that I keep for the days when I’m at a loss for something to say (hard to imagine, I know..) in fact, I will let a few here in the hopes that you might provide me with any experience or insight you’ve had. Sharing your understanding up front, rather than afterward, will enhance the blog! Please eMail ( me with anything you know or have tried on the following topics:

  • Clean eating
  • Meditation
  • Bee Pollen use
  • Using Failure as Growth

Today is one of the rare days that I am at home, doing mundane but necessary things, like laundry and vacuuming. Hope your Friday is a little more exciting, but just as productive! Have a fabulous weekend, wherever you are – It seems we are finally having some Spring weather in southern New England! 


Babs XO


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