Technology: Friend or Foe?

I just love having the world at my fingertips 24 hours a day. While watching an episode of Modern Family on the DVR last night, I shopped for summer shirts, acquired some new, healthy recipes, ordered a refill of a prescription and caught up on several friends’ school vacation activities. Then I made my move on 5 different Scrabble games. 

But there are times when taking a break from our devices can be rewarding – not to mention healthy. Spending time outdoors recently has been a welcome distraction from my iPad and iPhone (Once I satisfy my sharing compulsion by snapping and posting a picture, of course!)

  • Looking at the buds on the trees and listening to birdsong is best enjoyed with eyes and ears open. Nature is important and it’s best consumed without electronics. You miss a lot when you’re looking down.
  • Experts recommend that we turn off our devices as much as 2 hours prior to bedtime. The light can interfere with our ability to get a good night’s sleep. If you are reading about current events or other stimulating information, I think it adds to the inability to relax and unwind.
  • Intermittently checking your phone can hinder productivity. You might think you are adept at multitasking, but research says otherwise. It’s best to focus on one task at a time and Follow it thru to the end. So, if you’re busy checking things off your ‘to do’ list, ignore that phone and check your eMail when you’re finished.
  • Have you been out with someone who constantly checks their phone? It can put a damper on an evening, for sure. Turn off the sound and keep it in your pocket, on vibrate, if you’re expecting an important call. Otherwise, you might alienate the person sitting across from you. 
  • Are you obsessed with getting a photo or taking a video of every funny moment? Our phones’ capabilities make it tempting and we all have great memories stored there. There are times, however, when it’s much more rewarding to fully enjoy the moment, rather than experience it thru the lens of a camera (or phone).

Whatever it is, it can wait. It was only a few years ago that we relied on answering machines, anchored to our kitchen counters, for messages. We checked our eMail and Facebook pages twice a day, at best. Our pictures had to be sent out to be developed. Chances are, you can get thru an hour or two today. I know I’m guilty of most of the examples, at times. But I’m going to disconnect more often. Why not give it a try?


4 thoughts on “Technology: Friend or Foe?

  1. Well said Barb, we have become a society that also thinks it is okay to text or call 24/7, even for very trivial things. People need to unplug now and then.

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