Making memories

In case you’ve been under a rock this week or somehow managed to miss my obnoxious multi-level  social media posting, I am on vacation! Not just any vacation – I am experiencing the magic of Disney! My feet have the blisters to prove it!

For someone who hates crowded places almost as much as standing in line, Disney World is a special kind of Hell. (And, on a couple of days, it was nearly as hot.) Did I mention that I suffer from motion sickness and cannot even ride in the backseat of a car? I get dizzy just watching most of the rides. And who goes on vacation with their ex-husband, anyway?  (I won’t even mention the nine hours in the airport on the way here due to mechanical failures, flight cancellation, etc…)

Vacations are wonderful, fun events that we plan and anticipate with great care. They are also exhausting and stressful. Six people spending endless hours together can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re all hot, hungry and tired. Personally, I really enjoy my alone time. I need it. This week, I’ve had to settle for a few blissful moments when I was swimming underwater and nobody could talk to me. 

Yet, this has been a week that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Watching my grandson, Spencer, celebrate his 9th birthday Disney style was just not something I was willing to miss. The fact that he could do so surrounded by the very people who Love him the most was, well, magical. 

The five adults in his entourage endured long lines for high speed roller coasters that turned upside down in complete darkness before dumping us out into gift shops where we purchased ridiculously priced magic wands and light sabers. Our tired, sore muscles and blistered feet arrived home at night too late for the hot tub. We depleted both our energy and our bank accounts. But we’re still smiling. 

I sat on rides or at dinner between my husband and my ex-husband; between my daughter and her step-mother. And I realized that we are unique. It’s not that we don’t have differences – We do. We just choose not to focus on them. Instead, we gather around our sameness – that being our children and, in this case, our grandson.

There have been many times when I was grateful for the friendship we share, like when one of the kids was hospitalized. Rather than rebuff their stepmother, I relied on her. It was so much easier. 

We had a lot of practice when our kids were growing up and we didn’t always get it right. But Spencer has given us another chance. I’m proud of us for being able to grow and move forward; to be able to share the good times as well as the hard times.

Today is our last day in Florida. We’re taking it easy. No more nauseating rides, screaming toddlers or long waiting times. I think we’ve earned it. But I’d do it all again, in a heartbeat. That’s what Love is all about.


7 thoughts on “Making memories

  1. Your blog today brought tears to my eyes. What not only a unique but a loving family. All for the love of Spencer. See ya Thursday……..

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