Get Over It!


In case you missed it, March 9th was National Get Over It Day. I had no idea there was such a thing but would gladly have celebrated. You’ll understand why I never pursued further license and certification to become a therapist, since this would often be by best advice. Some call it reality therapy. I call it, well, Get Over It.

Before you jump to the conclusion that I am a cold hearted curmudgeon with no compassion for people in pain, let me say this: There are some among us (far too many) who are fighting a real battle that they would give anything to get over. If you or someone you love are one of them, I wish you Godspeed, comfort and healing. Sometimes, you can’t get over it and you have to set your sights on getting through it.

The rest of us, however, need to get over it. Having a national holiday to encourage us to do so is not such a bad idea. There is strength in numbers! Sometimes, it takes this kind of attention to recognize something that’s holding us back – and open our eyes to the suggestion that we can get over it! It could be cathartic!

What is it that you need to get over? Is heartbreak keeping you from finding love? Did a bad investment sour you and leave you financially crippled? Are you still steaming over a remark a family member made at Christmas? Did a coworker diss your work in front of others? GET OVER IT. These are the kinds of things that can wear on us and bring us down. They hold us back from enjoying better things that life has to offer. 

If you are pathetic enough to be a chronic complainer about things you cannot change (i.e. Another’s behavior in the past or even your own) then imagine what it’s like to be around you! I’m willing to bet that I am not the first to mutter the words: Get over it. (But I may be the first to do it to your face.)

So, what injustice is stuck in your craw and making you mad? What do you need to move past to get to where you want to be? Getting over it may sound easy but that’s not always the case.

  1. The next time you find yourself ruminating about it, stop and, instead, think about something for which you are grateful. 
  2.  If you need help, seek out someone you trust and talk it out. 
  3.  If you need more than that, there are therapists out there who subscribe to a gentler approach than I. 

Even though we are a week late getting to the gate, there is always time to make changes for the better. If something is holding you back, please join me in the celebration of this treasured national holiday. And…. For the love of God…… Get over it!


2 thoughts on “Get Over It!

  1. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I also love that there is a day to celebrate it. Maybe next year we can have a get over it party?? Hopefully, I won’t be away because it seems like a fun thing to do. Also, I give you permission to tell me to “Get over it” if my complaints about a certain someone or if you’re tired of hearing about some other topic from me. I have already used 2 of your suggested things to do to get over it and they do work. Fortunately, I haven’t had to seek therapeutic help lately. Mart


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