Freaky Friday

I’ve been saving a few things from my web surfing – mostly from Pinterest – and want to share. Let’s end the work week with a smile and remember to take ourselves a little less seriously! 

  Who among us has the time – or desire – to hang their onions inside their panty hose? Unless you own a NY System wiener  business, why would you need to keep so many onions fresh?

 I kind of like this one, but wouldn’t have installed it at the office, as suggested! If sitting for long periods makes your ankles prone to swelling or your knees stiffen, this might be for you! Seriously – Who thinks this stuff up?

  For the man who has everything – And wears a kilt! Ha!!

Fashion’s answer to the Selfie Stick! Of course, you’ll need to be a Rockette to hold your foot high enough. I’d just have a lot of pictures of my thighs and, well, that’s depressing.


Further proof that you just can’t make this shit up.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, EVERYBODY! And find a reason to smile! XO

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