I’ve been thinking about all the places in my life where music lives. From infancy, when our parents sing us lullabies, music is a source of comfort. Who, as a teenager, hasn’t found consolation in the words of a song after a breakup? On the flip side, love songs seem to define our relationship when things are rosy. Every couple chooses ‘their’ song to celebrate the first dance of marriage.

For me, music has always been the biggest and best part of worship. On Sunday mornings, you’ll find me in the choir pew. Several years ago, when our choir director/ organist left abruptly, we suffered thru exactly one service without music. It was unbearable. That same week, my choir mates and I gathered at the home of a soprano who also played piano. I blew the dust off my guitar and we put together a service. I’m sure that the sound was less than enchanting that first Sunday. But people graciously encouraged us and, as the weeks passed, we developed a repertoire of hymns and were even invited to perform at a fundraiser at a nearby church.

We pay good money to attend concerts. Ask anyone – They can instantly recount their first concert – and probably most of the other concerts they’ve attended. We collect records, CDs and downloaded tunes. Soundtracks from our favorite Broadway shows and movies keep the memories of our favorite stories alive for decades. We learn to play instruments as young people. Later, we go out dancing to music with friends. In our cars, driving alone, we become instant rock stars, singing along with the radio. We workout to our best playlist. When we die, our families lovingly choose hymns with which to say good bye.
Music has power. It transports us thru time, back to our most cherished memories. It helps us to escape our current situation and forget our troubles. With music, we remember. We celebrate. We motivate ourselves. We pray. We heal. We move forward and leave people behind. We say goodbye. Music seeps into every layer of our lives. It is woven into the very fabric of our lives.

Recently, I saw a little meme that proclaimed that music is the only thing that uses every part of our brains. I don’t know if that’s true, but it would make sense. We seem to have a biological connection to music. It’s in our blood. It’s in our hearts. Whether you prefer classical, rock, top 40, jazz or bluegrass, there is something for everybody and every mood. 

So, no matter what you’re feeling – Happiness, sadness, grief, desperation, meditation – Find your song. And live it.

4 thoughts on “Music

  1. I love music too and sing in the choir with “Babs”. There is a saying that singing is like praying twice. That’s how I feel about my choir singing. I can’t imagine a world without music. All of Barbara’s comments about the times that music meant something, rang true for me.

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  2. So agree. And in my next life, I’m coming back as one of Adele or Tina Turner’s back up singers. Have to share this story. When my son Michael was about 4 or so, we were watching a Yanni concert, and he turned to me and said “you don’t even have to speak the same language to enjoy each other’s music.” I smiled, thinking what a wise statement. And then he followed with “Even the aliens would like Yanni.”

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  3. Hi Barbara, As you know I’ve always been involved with music and am still waiting for my big break. LOL I find my music tastes varied as I age and am now enjoying flute and guitar. However, wind instruments have always been my favorite, particularly sax. Yes, I said SAX…. I have decided to take a page from your book. It involves diet and music. I am starting today to resurrect my I Pod and put some old dance steps to music, thereby, hopefully losing a few pounds whilst dancing around my music room. Hopefully this will prove successful and there won’t be any long necked people peering in the window. B T W – got the monthly assignment finished.


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