Whacky Wednesday!

I logged onto Pinterest for fifteen minutes and two hours went by. I don’t know if that happens to anybody else. Somehow, there is a time warp built into the app. Honestly..

It’s a wonderful thing, this Internet. Everywhere you look, there’s evidence that there really is something for everyone. Just try Google. Go ahead – Enter the most ridiculous thing you can think of in the search engine. You’ll get hundreds of suggested websites! Pinterest is kind of like that, only you don’t have to enter anything absurd. The app provides all sorts of ideas, photos and mind-bending DIY projects. All you have to do is click your mouse!

Here are some of the outrageous items I’ve come across recently. Seriously. Things like this are simply too good to keep to myself. I just had to share.

Giant pine cone lawn ornaments made from shovels: Why?


I don’t even know what to say about this…   

Proof that some people should not reproduce. Just get a hamster and call it a day:


Advertised to “keep your pets busy.” I wasn’t aware that they were in need of a hobby.


If someone I knew wore this, I might have to slap them. (And I like Oprah.)

I have no words for this, except MC Hammer meets Bread Gloves:

Of course, there are loads of useful things in Pinterest, too. For example: Recipes, decorating ideas, inspirational quotes and party themes. But, like any bargain worth searching for, it can be an adventure-filled excursion. 
Where else can you find bacon flavored baby formula? (Perhaps the question should be, Why would you want to?)


7 thoughts on “Whacky Wednesday!

  1. Yes, Barbara, sometime I get too wrapped up and consequently nothing for our next class. Was going to spend the entire morning writing and lo and behold A PROBLEMO WITH MY TAXES so I had to go to my bank and there shot the morning…..


  2. Hilarious. Don’t even know how to get on Pinterest, but since I love pine cones and I’m weird enough to want a shovel pine cone lawn ornament!


  3. Definitely whacky! And I know that those ideas will now be in my dreams tonight, and I might start talking in my sleep, and Mike is going to be wondering WHAT???? Oh, and thanks for the blog – you have a gift.


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