The Gift

A relationship is like a piece of fine English China. Imagine a delicate tea cup. You might accidentally drop it to the floor one day. Although it bears no visible signs of damage, it’s structure might be weakened. Later, you might set it down too roughly, banging it against it’s saucer: A tiny crack, not visible to the naked eye, now forms. But, it still works well and it still brings you joy.

Time passes and you forget about the fragility of it because the tea cup has become such a part of your daily life. When you allow it to slip from your hand and it falls against the sink, you pay little mind. Then, one day, you pour hot water into your cup and it leaks. The tiny crack that you ignored has deepened with every knock. The handle has loosened. It is beyond repair. Even if you carefully mend it with super glue, it will never be as strong or lovely as it once was.

The Universe has given me the gift of a new tea cup. Every day, I will be aware of my own clumsiness, my unintended harshness. I will be vigilant and not let small chips and cracks go unnoticed or unrepaired. I will cherish it, protect it and not take it for granted. I will love it as best I can, savoring each moment of warmth that it brings me. If I’m lucky, it will last and, going forward, will be the only tea cup I ever need.

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