Angel wings and safety pins 

Women take care of each other. It’s what we do. I’m not convinced that it’s strictly biological or the result of family and cultural expectations. I just know it’s true. I am grateful. 

Case in point: Safety pins. 

On a recent Friday night, my friend Dotti was participating in a local Relay for Life event. She is a two-time Cancer survivor. She was part of a team called Carol’s Angel’s, in honor of another dear friend who lost her battle 10 years ago. We decided to surprise Dotti by showing up to walk a few laps with her. Of course, we never do anything without a theme – and costumes. We had coordinating tee-shirts and wings. Yes, I said wings. 

You know the saying – “Angels exist but sometimes they don’t have wings and are called friends.” We arrived decked out with wings from the Dollar Store, designed for children. They had elastic bands which might not stretch to fit our middle-aged torsos. Just in case, I brought a ziplock baggie full of safety pins. Smart, right?

Well, Connie arrived, with safety pins. Kathie brought safety pins. Janet arrived with – you guessed it – safety pins. Donna? Safety pins. We had enough safety pins to accommodate Heaven’s army of angels. A few of the elastic straps broke and we did use a few of the pins. Like always, we were over-prepared.

We hit the track and started walking. I’m not sure if we found Dotti or she found us. There were lots of tears. Lots of hugs. You see, that’s another thing we’re good at – we celebrate. Everything. We gather, wearing festive garb and lots of bling. We bring food. We laugh. We cry. We love one another through whatever it is. Good or bad.

Angels do exist, of that I am certain. Despite the popular saying, mine happen to have wings. And safety pins – Lots of safety pins. 

20 thoughts on “Angel wings and safety pins 

  1. So true, Babs! Caring, laughing, crying. We’re there for each other and celebrating moments…celebrating life! Such a warm and cozy feeling! Beautiful and heartfelt blog!

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  2. I never know what to write but your wisdom comes out to me with every word.. feel like you are my angel.. you always seem to hit it out of the park!!!!!

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  3. Love this! We are so acutely in tune with each other that sometimes it is frightening. You guys honoring me but again was a night I will put in my book of gifts from “MY ANGELS!”l love you all and thanks Babs for being a treasured friend (angel)

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  4. Being a safety pin girl and sometimes a “wing man”(woman), I’m sorry I wasn’t part of supporting Dottie. I’m sure it was FABULOUS and emotional for all.

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