Moving forward


In April, I will be on vacation for a week. Realistically, there will not be time for me to write every day. I might manage one or two quick blogs, at best. In an effort to avoid losing momentum, I am looking for guest bloggers who might want to contribute by providing a day’s blog during that week. 

You can write about anything that interests you: It can be something personal, like a self improvement journey you’ve been on or something you have overcome. It can be a movie or book review. You can share observations about just about anything! Use facts, opinions, humor, sarcasm…. Whatever suits you. I only ask that you not write any political rants. There are enough of those online and just about everywhere else. While they are often informative and sometimes humorous, they can also be devisive and upsetting. My goal here is to write things that are helpful, positive or fun.

If you are interested, please let me know. I’d need your guest blog by April 6. I’ll use guest blogs the following week, beginning April 11. If you are not a confident writer, I am happy to edit the piece for you. I will also be willing to look a graphic, photo, cartoon or other art work – Just let me know when you submit your blog and I’ll take care of it!

We’re approaching the three-month anniversary of Blog by Babs! I am proud of myself for finally getting into the daily habit of writing. That’s no easy feat for a procrastinator like me! Blogging has been fulfilling, on a personal level. My followers – yes, YOU – have exceeded by expectations. THANK YOU for your awesome feedback, suggestions and comments. I really appreciate your reading my blog and participating in the process!

My hope is to continue writing in a manner that encourages sharing of experiences and information. Guest blogs will go along way to that end! Thanks again, faithful readers!

On another note, I am trying out some new recipes for Easter this year! I’ll share a few of them now. Have a wonderful weekend!

 Crockpot Ham




4 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Thank you for you continued and informative blogs Barbara. If I can come up with any subject which may interest others; I will let you know. Right now I am busy assembling my book to a presentable position. Happy Easter too.

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